The Calming Effects of Music in Babies

Having a baby is a blessing for everyone. But sometimes they can take up all your energy by their crying all the time and most of the time parents don’t know why their babies are crying. Over the years, parents and experts try to find a solution for a much healthier environment for both the baby and the parents.

One of the things they’ve discovered that actually helps is exposing the baby to the relaxing music. Here we will talk about its general effects on babies. Let’s look at the calming effects of music in babies.

Relaxing Music

What effects does music has on babies? A recent study in fetuses reveals that they can react to sound whenever they hear sounds. Their reactions are exhibited by movements inside the uterus. However, this study is unclear with what those movements really are.

A new born baby naturally needs 16 to 21 hours of sleep a day. A three month old baby needs 13 to 15 hours of sleep and a six to months old baby needs sleep between 12 to 14 hours per day. This sleep can actually be achieved with exposing the baby in relaxing music.

After birth, adapting to a different environment outside of the womb can be really stressful for a newborn baby. With the changes in the temperature and the noises, the baby can have a hard time going to sleep and having a relaxing time. A relaxing music calms them down, especially when pre exposed to music in the mother’s womb, creating a more familiar environment for the baby.

This is a phenomenon called the Lullaby effect. The sound that blends natural sounds with the melodic humming creates a calming effect for the baby and helps them be at ease with the new environment.

The following are the results of studies conducted to see the effects of relaxing music in babies.

Dr. Thomas Verny and John Kelly Study

A study conducted Dr. Thomas Verny and John Kelly reveals that four or five month old fetus responds to sound in a very discriminating way. And relaxing music relaxes the most agitated babies. Also, this shows that a pregnant woman that spends time every day listening to relaxing music makes her child feel relaxed and tranquil.

Leicester University Study

A study conducted in Leicester University shows that babies can actually remember sounds they heard a year ago from their mother’s womb. Dr. Alexandra Lamont said that this study provides a new evidence of how nature can influence a child’s early development. The babies who were exposed to music can actually remember music that they heard before they were actually born.

Relaxing music can make it easier for the mother to go through her pregnancy because this makes her baby much more relaxed in the womb. Mothers are encouraged to expose their babies to relaxing music while in the womb. According to the authors of the “Secret life of the Unborn child”, a baby can kick in time to music from 25 weeks.

A relaxing music can do so much to a baby as it helps it relax, and be calmer. The music can also stimulate the baby’s brain to help it catch up more information and learn faster.