Relax Your Senses, Relax with Music

Relaxing Music

In a very busy world where we live in right now, it can be really stressful. People from all walks of life endure this stress and try to find different ways to cope with this stress. Some cope with stress by eating, others, by watching movies or reading. Some find release from their stressors through relaxing music.

According to studies, the type of music that you listen to greatly affects your mood and your choices throughout the day. Loud music can stir up anger and aggression to some people. Relaxing music, sometimes referred to as “mood music”, on the other hand, has a much more positive impact on learning of a child, creativity and prolonged memory. For those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, they can make use of relaxing music to stimulate brain impulses and promote relaxation. In this article, we will look at the benefits of listening to relaxing music.

Music can greatly affect our body. Music, specifically relaxing music, slows down the heart rate and pulse; it also lowers down the blood pressure and inhibits the secretion of stress hormones. It can also act as a great distraction and therefore can be used for meditation to prevent the mind from wandering.

Music has been used for thousands for years. From its arts uses to its health uses, it has been a great use for centuries in connecting the body and mind in a harmonious way. Recent studies show that music can bring security and peace in distressed children. Children with problems develop their coordination and communication skills.

When listening to music over headphones, it shows that anxiety is actually decreased especially in patients before going in surgery and even after surgery. It also lessens pain after operation and chronic pain. In elderly people, music can help them avoid depression by increasing their self-esteem. For cancer patients, relaxing music reduces emotional distress and it improves one’s mood.

Below are some of the benefits of relaxing music:

Better Brain Function

Studies on the effect of music to the brain reveal that the brain functions well when stimulated with music. Music stimulates certain areas of the brain to develop much better interconnection between the brain’s hemispheres, leading to much smoother communications of the neurons in the brain. This causes a person to have greater focus, faster reflexes and brain activities essential for everyday needs.

Lowers Heart Rate

Listening to relaxing music actually decreases the heart rate even if a person is situated in a stressful environment. People waiting in long lines, even in heat, shows a much lower heart rates compared to those who didn’t listen to relaxing music. This study was done in waiting rooms in hospitals and other clinical environment.  This heart rate test reveals that music affects us physiologically as well as it does psychologically. Lower heart rates cause people to be able to focus and pour their energy more in certain activities and achieving more goals.

Promotes Happiness

Everyone has music that you can call their “go to” music. Research and studies show that whenever a person listens to his or her favorite music, hormones in the body are produced specifically dopamine which largely affects our emotions and sensations of pleasure. A happy sensation is being reflected by the dopamine in the brain whenever a song is played. This mimics how we feel when we eat food and even when we make love.

Relaxes Your Body

As relaxing music lowers your heart rate, it also relaxes the muscles on your body. Lower heart rate actually calms the mind and in turn loosens stressed or strained muscles in the body. Whether you are on yoga or just relaxing in the comfort of your home, listening to relaxing music helps you loosen up and let go. This is a popular technique for certain writers, songwriters and composers since listening to relaxing music actually inspires you.

Better Digestion

Eating in a much slower pace actually enhances your digestion process. A relaxing music releases a more tranquil environment that enables you to relax while eating in a much desirable pace despite of how your day was. A recent study revealed that eating in a faster pace contributes largely to weight gain which means that eating in a slow pace will help you avoid gaining a few pounds and help you develop a healthy digestion pattern for you.

Helps Calm Babies and Young Children

The relaxing music does not only relax the adults but also soothes children in distress. It will greatly help parents everywhere to let their children listen to relaxing music before sleeping as it calms them and make them sleep better and much longer. The same phenomenon happens in the children’s brain with that of the adult’s.

Reduces Pain

This is generally because of the release of serotonin, the happy hormone, in the brain. The brain is focused more on the pleasure the music brings than the pain that actually what the person is feeling. Hence, relaxing music is a great distraction from pain especially for patients after surgery.

Rejuvenates Your Body

A relaxing music helps you focus more on yourself especially in your “me” time. Try it when you want to be alone in your room or when a place you just want to be by yourself. Light up a candle and play relaxing music. You will find yourself relaxing in no time. It allows you to rejuvenate and refresh yourself.

Better Sleep

As established earlier, listening to relaxing music lowers your heart rate and relaxes your body which in turn will make you sleep much better. The music will help you be at tune with peace and relaxes your senses which will give you a much more restful sleep than you have without the music.

Allows You to Focus More

Listening to relaxing music before studying increases your focus and increases your hours of study. The relaxed mind can actually accumulate information better compared to an overworked mind. You can listen to relaxing music to empty your mind before studying.

A Look on Colbie Caillat

One of the most popular relaxing music artists is Colbie Caillat. In this article we will take a look on Colbie Caillat.

Colbie was born on May 28, 1985 in Malibu, California. Coco’s father, Colbie’s nickname, was producer, co-producing albums like Rumours by Fleetwood Mac and Tusk in 1979. As a child, Colbie took piano lessons and found her inspiration from Lauryn Hill in her performance in Sister Act 2. That’s where she realized that she wanted to be a singer and began her vocal lessons and performed on stage by the time she was in sixth grade.

Relaxing Music

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In Depth with Mat Kearney

There are various relaxing music artist out there but one the stands out is Mat Kearney. In this article, we will have an in depth look at Mat Kearney.

Matthew William “Mat” Kearney was born on December 1, 1978 in Eugene Oregon. He went to California State University in Chico, California in an athletic scholarship with literature as his major. Kearney became interested in music after going to Nashville with producer Robert Marvin. It was there when he began writing his own songs.

Relaxing Music

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Effects of Music on the Other Side of the Leash

Dogs can mean a lot to their owners. A lot of owners spends much for their dogs to make them feel comfortable and to look good. However, there are moments when no matter how we try to make our dogs comfortable they can get anxious by triggers in their environment.

Recently, studies were made to understand better man’s best friend. These studies were aimed to get to know our dear dogs a little better. One of these studies made was about the effect of music to our friends on the other side of the leash.

Relaxing Music

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The Calming Effects of Music in Babies

Having a baby is a blessing for everyone. But sometimes they can take up all your energy by their crying all the time and most of the time parents don’t know why their babies are crying. Over the years, parents and experts try to find a solution for a much healthier environment for both the baby and the parents.

One of the things they’ve discovered that actually helps is exposing the baby to the relaxing music. Here we will talk about its general effects on babies. Let’s look at the calming effects of music in babies.

Relaxing Music

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